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Dr. Joe Gotti
Trapper Lowndes
Janell Pledger
Karen Doby

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Upcoming Events

  • Beat The Heat ETXSH Clinic Sulphur Springs TX
    Fri, Jul 29
    Hopkins County Regional Civic Center
    Jul 29, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, 1200 Houston St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA
    Clinicians are Trapper Lowndes, Dr Joe Gotti, Janell Pledger which will bring you help with your horsemanship, cowmanship, and showmanship.
  • Registration for Beat The Heat ETXSH Ranch Horse Show
    Jul 30, 8:00 AM – Jul 31, 2:00 PM
    Sulphur Springs, 1200 Houston St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA
    Register here for your Division and Classes you will then pay at the show when your check in.
  • Better Together Meet & Greet
    Sat, Jul 30
    Hopkins County Regional Civic Center
    Jul 30, 5:00 PM – Jul 31, 7:00 PM
    Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, 1200 Houston St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482, USA
    Local Trainers, Businesses, Breeders, ETXSH members, 4-H, THSRA, USCHA coming together. Food, fun, networking as we want to make this a partnership promoting each other. The common factor that brings us together is our love for our horses. We encourage everyone to please RSVP for this FREE event
** New Divisions Have been added**
Open Division - Turn Cow on Fence and Circle
Non-Pro Division - Turn Cow on Fence and Circle
Ltd Non-Pro Division - Box/Drive/Box/Drive
JR Horse Division - Box/Drive/Box/Drive

(Horses 5 years & Under)
*Green Horse Division - All Ages horses

(Never shown down the fence or less than 1 year shown in box-drive-box-drive)
Intermediate Division - Box Only
Novice Division - Box Only
*Novice Level 1 - Box Only
(Have not won a buckle SHTX, ETXSH or other Ranch Show & score on 4 classes last ETXSH show is 260 or less) 
Youth Division - Box Only

The Full Story

Welcome to the East Texas Stock Horse!  


This has been a long time coming.  My name is Martha Hayward and I was one of the original group of people that organized and brought the American Stock Horse / Stock Horse of Texas clinic and show to Sulphur Springs, TX back in 2008.  Our group worked together with our 8 Horse 4-H members and their families, to bring this event, Beat The Heat to East Texas during July.  It was the only date that was open.  Thank goodness for our air-conditioned coliseum and great volunteers and sponsors!  It was a great success for several years, supporting our Horse 4-H group, other 4-H groups, and Therapeutic Riding Centers.  I believe it was around 2015 that Stock Horse of Texas moved it from Sulphur Springs to Athens, TX for a couple of years then they moved it to Amarillo, TX.  

This left a huge hole for us that live in East Texas.  Many of us that are involved in bringing this organization are still members of the Stock Horse of Texas.  We love the people, the concept, and everything about it except......we want more clinics and shows here in East Texas.  I had approached them at one time but didn't get the support to have a show here again.


So......the beginning of the East Texas Stock Horse has come to be.  I originally planned to start this back in 2020 but our dear friend...COVID hit, then in 2021 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and went through Chemo treatment and DMX.  Well, being the goal-oriented person that I am, I decided that 2022 was the year to get this started and give myself a goal to aim for and keep me focused as I go through the final stages of my treatment.  I start Radiation on January 3, 2022, and should be finished on Feb 16, 2002.

My goals for East Texas Stock Horse 

1.  Build a GREAT TEAM to grow this business while keeping it fun with a group of members that are competitive but supportive of each other as we do what we love.  Promoting the All-Around Stock Horse through clinics and shows.

2.  Get Dates set and Locked in starting with our first ones being Stand Alone Introductory Clinics throughout East Texas to increase our membership and help our friends see what we are all about.  Promoting the All-Around Stock Horse and teaching our members how to ride a better horse.

3.  Building up to having a clinic one day followed by a Stock Horse Show every month during our show season starting in  March through Sept Show Season with at least a minimum of 1 clinic/ 1 show a month

4. Be able to provide our members with High Point Year End Awards

(Saddles are my Goal for Year-End but don't know yet if that is possible for 2022 but I will be working on it) 

5. Some stand-alone clinics for Novice and Youth to help them gain confidence in showing their horses in our events that we offer from Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Trail, Ranch Reining, Ranch Riding, Cow Horse and Cutting.  

This is my vision as the Founder of the East Texas Stock Horse. So far several people have reached out to me to help get this going.  I will be keeping you all updated on our Facebook page and on here as we get clinics and shows set up.

I plan to have an official organizational meeting sometime in January.  If you are interested in attending please email me at so I can get you on my email list or purchase your membership online.

Check out our Facebook Page to stay connected!

Thank you! Martha Hayward